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Only one hope to fall back on – Jesus

Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, Nekempte, February 2015. Jesus really showed up as a savior and healer during our two crusades in different parts of Ethiopia. The first crusade in the poorest section of Addis Ababa started off with some amazing miracles. One man had never walked because of a muscular disease in his back since birth. When he tried to stand up, his whole body was shaking, because of the muscular disease in his back and he fell to the ground. He had traveled a great distance, 600 km, to get to the meeting. During Pastor Tommy’s prayer he got completely healed and for the first time in his life he stood up and was soon running.

Another man had been very sick for over 22 years, with knee and back problems and debilitating pain. During prayer the power of God came upon him so that he fell to the ground, and when he got up again he was completely healed!

Jesus continued to show what he is still doing today when he touched a young boy from an orphanage who was comple

tely blind in his right eye when he arrived at the meeting. After Jesus healed him he could see perfectly!

The impoverished Ethiopians have only one hope to fall back on – Jesus – and they rejoiced and danced for joy at the miracles he did in their midst. The atmosphere was incredible as they shouted out their thanks to God.

One of the most unforgettable moments from this trip to Ethiopia was when our team got to see Doretti again. Doretti is very special to us because of what happened four years ago at our crusade in Shashamene. At that time she was 10 or 11, a Muslim, living on the street, sharing food with the dogs. She wept when she gave her life to Jesus at the front of the crowd one night, and God spoke to Pastor Tommy about her. We managed to find her the following day and were able to place her in a children's home in Addis, where we now fully support 40 out of the 225 children who have been rescued off the street, where they otherwise would have been dead by now from drug abuse or AIDS. This is proof that a crusade is more than just a crusade. Lives are changed, and children are rescued.

Never been more encouraged

Bangalore India, January 2015. Born-again former Hindus make up 98% of the church that PTL partners with, the poorest people in India. And now several thousand more Hindus have given their lives to Christ. Their only hope is the cross, the blood and the power in the name of Jesus. Over 1,000 women came to the women's seminar, where Tommy's message was “You are unique” and “God doesn...

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What we are doing is for real

Chitvan Nepal, November 2014
One city turned down the crusade because of political tensions. Another city asked for only a leadership seminar because they were too afraid of the fanatic elements of doing an outdoor crusade, but the Lord spoke clearly to pastor Tommy and said: "I want souls!" The third city wanted a crusade. This time Tommy Lilja Ministries had one requirement: That th...

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Nobody unmoved when children get set free!

Kasama Zambia, Mzuzu Malawi - September 2014
Two mega-crusades in three weeks, and so many children healed and delivered. It is impossible to be unmoved by Pastor Tommy Lilja Ministries' crusades. To see how thousands of children, some only 5-6 years old, can stand still for two hours during the altar call and prayer. How they lift their hands with great solemnity and emoti...

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Lifeless twin babies started kicking in the womb!

Kitwe Zambia, June 2014
The mother had been to the doctor many times. There was no life in her womb. She was expecting twins, but an operation had been scheduled to abort what the doctor called ”the lifeless fetuses.” During prayer on Sunday night, the babies started to move and the mother felt how they were kicking in the womb – they were alive!

The mother re...

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  • Tommy Lilja PTL Ministries International

    25th Apr, 2015

    "When I’m finished with you", says the Lord, "no one would ever believe that you lived as a slave with the Egyptians."

  • Tommy Lilja PTL Ministries International

    15th Mar, 2015

    Some Christians think that when problems arise, Jesus is far away. But a life without problems is not proof of God’s presence, but rather proof that you aren’t doing anything! It is very important that you don’t think that the problems and storms of life are an indication that Jesus isn’t close to you. Because he is! Even when you are in the eye of the storm and its winds are pummeling your life, even when it is so dark that you can’t distinguish day from night, Jesus is there by your side, to guide, protect and support you.

  • Tommy Lilja PTL Ministries International

    3rd Mar, 2015

    The spider, Proverb 30:24-38, has everything it needs on the inside. When spinning a web, building its home, and weaving cases for its eggs, it only has to use what it already has on the inside. What Jesus says about you is that ”out of your heart will flow rivers of living waters.” You have it on the inside of you! He has given you the talents you need to do what you are supposed to do. The lesson from the spider is to never give up. Keep on producing! The moment someone brushes aside a spider web, the spider climbs up again and starts weaving a new one. Don’t focus on the negative, and don’t meet negativity with negativity. Instead, keep doing what you are called to do and what you have on the inside. Climb up again and weave a new web.

  • Tommy Lilja PTL Ministries International

    26th Feb, 2015

    We are one body, the body of Jesus. In the same way that God took of the spirit that was upon Moses and gave it to the 70 elders so that they could lead Israel in the same spirit as Moses, God took of the Spirit that was in Jesus and filled us with it, so that you and I could live in the same Spirit and with the same purpose as Jesus.

  • Tommy Lilja PTL Ministries International

    20th Feb, 2015

    In Addis the muslims were throwing stones at us, now we are in the djungel in a farmer district. The hotel is very simple and tonight there is a total powercut all over the city. We had a good first meeting. The resistance from the city major has been intensive and we will do what we can to empower the weak churches in this area.