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What we are doing is for real

Chitvan Nepal, November 2014
One city turned down the crusade because of political tensions. Another city asked for only a leadership seminar because they were too afraid of the fanatic elements of doing an outdoor crusade, but the Lord spoke clearly to pastor Tommy and said: "I want souls!" The third city wanted a crusade. This time Tommy Lilja Ministries had one requirement: That the two networks of churches should join hands. They did, and 300 small churches did a great job preparing for the crusade. They followed Tommy Lilja Ministries instructions to focus and give priority to the Hindus. Jesus loves the Hindus and the crusade became historic one, both in terms of how many people came to the Lord but also concerning the great number of healings. There were breakthroughs at the crusade starting the very first night. Pastor Tommy felt God’s presence as he jumped out of the car. Demons were screaming and the spiritual manifestations taking place cannot be described or expl

ained. They must be experienced, otherwise you won’t believe them. All we can say is that the manifestations at a crusade can go far beyond what you have ever seen in a Hollywood movie.

The second night we experienced a healing explosion. The first testimony was an empty wheelchair. The second testimony was from a girl who had never walked before, and so it continued, undeniable miracles lining up on the stage. The third night was ordinary but the final meeting was special. It was packed with people, 80 % Hindus, and when pastor Tommy preached about the love of Jesus, the whole crowd, tens of thousands of people, came to the Lord. What we are doing is for real and we are in this together.

Nobody unmoved when children get set free!

Kasama Zambia, Mzuzu Malawi - September 2014
Two mega-crusades in three weeks, and so many children healed and delivered. It is impossible to be unmoved by Pastor Tommy Lilja Ministries' crusades. To see how thousands of children, some only 5-6 years old, can stand still for two hours during the altar call and prayer. How they lift their hands with great solemnity and emoti...

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Lifeless twin babies started kicking in the womb!

Kitwe Zambia, June 2014
The mother had been to the doctor many times. There was no life in her womb. She was expecting twins, but an operation had been scheduled to abort what the doctor called ”the lifeless fetuses.” During prayer on Sunday night, the babies started to move and the mother felt how they were kicking in the womb – they were alive!

The mother re...

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Jesus cleansed the area from witches

Addis Ababa, March 2014. Southern Addis Ababa was shaken to its core by Pastor Tommy Lilja Ministries’ mega-crusade. At the first meeting there was a healing breakthrough when three paralyzed people started to walk. Every night the number of visitors and the level of joy increased.

On the final night, a few of the pastors received phone calls from some witches. The part of the city ...

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Breakthrough in the Himalayas

Hetauda, Nepal – February 2014. The preparations for this crusade had been going on for months, and our new coordinators, pastors Ruben and Sita Rasaili, did an excellent job alongside the local pastors. During the first meeting of the crusade, before Pastor Tommy even began to preach, the Holy Spirit fell and many people manifested when evil spirits had to give way for the presence of Jesus....

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  • Tommy Lilja PTL Ministries International

    11th Dec, 2014

    The highest trust is when God trusts you with problems! If you have serious problems, you will only trust them to some very close. Virgin Mary was not only pregnant with the child of God, she was also trusted by God with the problems coming hand in hand with the assignment.

  • Tommy Lilja PTL Ministries International

    6th Dec, 2014

    Leaving Los Angeles, US, later today. We are all connected in the body of Christ and I told everybody here about you and our siblings in Nepal, India, Ethiopia, Zambia, Israel, Scandinavia, Finland, etcetera. You are all our heroes. By God's grace we have had some very effective days. I have only seen meetings rooms but on the other hand, the train is set in motion and our first stop is Ukraine: To help as many Jews as possible out of the country. Second stop will be to increase the number of crusades in the third world. First book on the book shelves in US will, because of that, be my new book about the Jews, the second one will be Believing Faith. We have one day left, it's only 2AM here. Yesterday I was really jet lagged all day. It's not easy to concentrate when it feels as if your brain is moving in slowmotion, sleeping mode! But today, thank's to God, I'm back on the track again. God is great and so are you. Still 4 hours to go before breakfast.

  • Tommy Lilja PTL Ministries International

    29th Nov, 2014

    Ever since I came back from Nepal, the voice of the Lord ecoes in my spirit: "I want souls". What we are doing is for real and we have a God who is thirsty for souls. What we do is not about healings, money, corportions or adventure. When all is said and done only eternity remains. Next week I'm on may way to US and we are coming with what we have: The blood of Jesus and the power of the Cross.