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Breakthrough in the Himalayas

Hetauda, Nepal – February 2014. The preparations for this crusade had been going on for months, and our new coordinators, pastors Ruben and Sita Rasaili, did an excellent job alongside the local pastors. During the first meeting of the crusade, before Pastor Tommy even began to preach, the Holy Spirit fell and many people manifested when evil spirits had to give way for the presence of Jesus. We don’t know why, but one thing that distinguishes Pastor Tommy Lilja Ministries from many other crusade organizations is the enormous number of deliverances that result from the mighty power of God.

The size of the crowd remained about the same throughout the crusade. This was mainly because rain was pouring down all across Nepal. In fact, it was raining everywhere except right where we were having our crusade! People called to say they wanted to come but couldn’t because of the rain, and they simply didn’t believe our pastors when they told them that it wasn’t raining i

n Hetauda. All the weather forecasters, from the Swedish ones to the BBC and Yahoo, indicated heavy rains from morning to night at our location. But the only rains we experienced were showers from heaven, as the Holy Spirit was poured out every day upon all of the Hindus and Buddhists who had come to this conference.

During the final meeting we pulled up the nets, and thousands of people rushed forward and gave their lives to Jesus. Each evening the pastors received phone call after phone call of testimonies of what Jesus had done.

This crusade marked the first time Pastor Tommy left the stage to go down and pray for thousands of needs. We have previously been unsure of how to make this work, when there are tens of thousands of visitors. It takes such a long time to pray for so many people. But we let it take the time it required, and the response was huge. Even though each person was only touched briefly, people who had previously not gotten healed when we prayed from the stage, did get healed.

Thank you to everyone who has prayed for this crusade and supported us in this ministry to Nepal. Thank you to the churches in Hetauda, and to our new directors in Nepal, Ruben and Sita Rasaili. PTL Ministries Leaders’ Team

Historic conferences in Ethiopia!

Addis Ababa, November 2013. Ethiopia is one of the most important countries in Africa. The African Union is located here. Being situated like a wedge between the Muslim belt to the north and the Christian belt to the south also gives Ethiopia a key role, so it is with great respect that PTL is at work in this country. Besides the PTL crusades, the Lord has also opened up a door for conferences for...

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The meeting was over, but Jesus wasn’t finished!

The meeting was over and I was on my to the car when some women caught my attention. They pointed to a disabled Hindu woman who was sitting on a white plastic chair. They told me that she couldn’t walk and had been carried to the conference. When I took her by the hands and encouraged her to stand up, Jesus did a miracle. With small steps she started to walk, and after a little while she let ...

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4 out of the 5 cripples stood up

People traveled from all over Burma to attend the historic revival and leaders’ conference. Burma is a special place: if too many people gather, the authorities react; if too many people get saved, the Buddhist monks react. When 4 out of the 5 cripples stood up and were healed on Saturday evening, there was no way to keep things in check. At the final meeting on Sunday, twice as many people c...

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They got up out of their wheelchairs!

The latest crusade in Livingstone, Zambia was filled with the joy of the Holy Spirit. As usual, many people were delivered from darkness, many confirmed miracles took place, and during the final meeting thousands of new believers were baptized in the Holy Spirit.

Everyone could tell that something special was going on even starting with the very first meeting. As soon as Pastor Tommy star...

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  • Tommy Lilja PTL Ministries International

    20th Mar, 2014

    Israel March/April 2014. Historic healing conference with pastor Tommy in Jerusalem. God is and has always been Israels "Jehovah Rapha - The Lord that healeth Thee". The same God and the same power that healed Israel in the desert, and down through the ages, will be present. Pray for this holy and prophetic event. Never before has so many unbelievers come together in Jerusalem to hear about the power of the Lord.

  • Tommy Lilja PTL Ministries International

    7th Feb, 2014

    Asia, Africa, America and Israel in 7 weeks! 2 MEGA crusades, a historical healing conference in Jerusalem and a "branching out" leadership conference in US. Reaching more people than ever with the "full Gospel of JC", we need your prayers more than ever. You are great, thank you for partnering with us.

  • Tommy Lilja PTL Ministries International

    14th Jan, 2014

    Operation Bounce Back is up running. The slum in Kabwe, Zambia, second largest in Africa, but the far most polluted in the world is going down. The conditions are devastating and pastors are not surviving. From January we support a number of pastors, taking steps to bounce back. The Kabwe slum needs all your prayers and help it can get.

  • Tommy Lilja PTL Ministries International

    3rd Jan, 2014

    From PTL:s partner in Bangalore, India. On December 25th, we had a blessed Christmas service especially for those in needs. This project is called Compassion. More than 250 families were given the GIFT on this Christmas day, a package of Sari and 1 month’s grocery items for a family. More than 350 people received Christ on Christmas Day as a result of our compassion work.

  • Tommy Lilja PTL Ministries International

    2nd Jan, 2014

    Israel January: Under Cover - revival work to reach the Palestinians are intensified. Air borne - first flight 2014 with returning Ethiopian Jews will reach Tel Aviv. Revival busses - will bring Russian Jews to PTL healing meetings in Jerusalem.