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Nobody unmoved when children get set free!

Kasama Zambia, Mzuzu Malawi - September 2014
Two mega-crusades in three weeks, and so many children healed and delivered. It is impossible to be unmoved by Pastor Tommy Lilja Ministries' crusades. To see how thousands of children, some only 5-6 years old, can stand still for two hours during the altar call and prayer. How they lift their hands with great solemnity and emotion, close their eyes and seek the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and so many of them get set free! Just imagine - a child can have a demon living on the inside of them. One night Pastor Tommy commanded "demons of sexual abuse" to come out. Many children fell to the ground and manifested. We don't even want to consider what they have suffered through. The gospel is sweat, tears, joy, healing, restoration and deliverance. It is gravel, dust, poor people who dance for hours and sing to Jesus. In the midst of this poverty, Jesus is going forth as he has always done, among the bruised, the poor and the sick.

He isn't embarrassed by the demon-possessed, runny-nosed, dirty children. He is there in their midst, Jesus of Nazareth, and he was in the midst of our crusades in Zambia and Malawi.

The crusade in Kasama turned things upside down starting from the very first meeting. After the first half of the meeting the deliverance tent was already overflowing. The power of God pulsated in wave after wave throughout the meeting. Thousands prayed for salvation, hundreds raised their hands to confirm that they had been healed, and it was as if Jesus held the entire city in his embrace. Each night the power of God continued to push forward. Many people wanted to receive Jesus. Just when Pastor Tommy was going to conclude one of the meetings, a young girl managed to get through the guards and up onto the stage. She tugged on Pastor Tommy's jacket, said nothing but pointed to her ears. She was deaf in both. Pastor Tommy prayed quickly and asked, "Can you hear me now?" and we were so happy when she nodded yes in response. The final meeting was one of celebration. The stage was surrounded by people asking for prayer! One boy waved to Pastor Tommy and pointed to his mouth. He was mute. After a short prayer he could count to twelve. He forced the words out of his mouth and you can sense how he is learning the new sounds as he counts out loud for the first time.

The crusade in Malawi
Malawi might be the poorest and least developed of all the countries we have visited. At the first meeting, Pastor Tommy invited the sick to come forward for prayer. He asked the ushers to help him so that only sick people could come forward. There were about 700 people, so it took time. Many of those who were healed told us that something had left them. The second meeting went deeper into the Spirit, which was obvious in many ways. When Pastor Tommy came to the crusade he greeted those closest to the front. One older woman had come in a wheelchair! She was the first one Pastor Tommy greeted, and he looked deep into her eyes and commanded her to stand up. She stood up! When she started walking, she didn't sit down again for two hours! Friday night was a typical night for Pastor Tommy Lilja Ministries, as so many people got delivered. Saturday evening something happened that has never happened before. All at once the Holy Spirit fell upon several hundred children, and in an invisible wave they all fell to the ground. It was incredible to see. Pastor Tommy also made the mistake of laying hands on the interpreter in the middle of the sermon. He was out under the power for 15 minutes, and the choir had to sing until he woke up again. Many Muslims came to the meeting after a deaf Muslim girl got healed on Friday night.

Lifeless twin babies started kicking in the womb!

Kitwe Zambia, June 2014
The mother had been to the doctor many times. There was no life in her womb. She was expecting twins, but an operation had been scheduled to abort what the doctor called ”the lifeless fetuses.” During prayer on Sunday night, the babies started to move and the mother felt how they were kicking in the womb – they were alive!

The mother re...

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Jesus cleansed the area from witches

Addis Ababa, March 2014. Southern Addis Ababa was shaken to its core by Pastor Tommy Lilja Ministries’ mega-crusade. At the first meeting there was a healing breakthrough when three paralyzed people started to walk. Every night the number of visitors and the level of joy increased.

On the final night, a few of the pastors received phone calls from some witches. The part of the city ...

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Breakthrough in the Himalayas

Hetauda, Nepal – February 2014. The preparations for this crusade had been going on for months, and our new coordinators, pastors Ruben and Sita Rasaili, did an excellent job alongside the local pastors. During the first meeting of the crusade, before Pastor Tommy even began to preach, the Holy Spirit fell and many people manifested when evil spirits had to give way for the presence of Jesus....

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Historic conferences in Ethiopia!

Addis Ababa, November 2013. Ethiopia is one of the most important countries in Africa. The African Union is located here. Being situated like a wedge between the Muslim belt to the north and the Christian belt to the south also gives Ethiopia a key role, so it is with great respect that PTL is at work in this country. Besides the PTL crusades, the Lord has also opened up a door for conferences for...

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  • Tommy Lilja PTL Ministries International

    31st Oct, 2014

    Nepal/Ukraine November 2014. Regardless of the opinion of others - The Kingdom of God, will continue to grow. A great number of volunteers and employes are, for the moment, busy preparing our Gospel Crusade in Nepal in November. In Ukraine a great number of workers are helping as many Jews as possible to flee from persecutions, to Israel. No one can stop God and the return of Jesus.

  • Tommy Lilja PTL Ministries International

    11th Aug, 2014

    Africa August 2104: Our teams in Zambia and Malawi have worked for month to prepare the fall season's first two mega crusades. First one, this upcoming weekend in the city of Kasama, close to the border of Tanzania. The second one, first week of September in Mzuzu Malawi.

  • Tommy Lilja PTL Ministries International

    4th Jul, 2014

    PTL, USA July 2014. It took 17 month of waiting but today Pastor Tommy Lilja Ministries is recognized as a Non-profit-organization in the US. And ... we are recognized as an international organization! That's a miracle. Just imagine, our head office is located in one of the smallest cities in the world - Solvesborg. We are now busy planning for the next step and we are so very excited to see what God will do.

  • Tommy Lilja PTL Ministries International

    4th Jul, 2014

    PTL, Africa July 2014. The first 6 months have been record breaking both in number of crusades and of impact. Africa lies wide-open and the Bonke vision of a "Blood washed Africa", echoes through the heart of every Gospel Crusader. The number of Crusades increases and PTL is re-planning to meet the need to reach the unreached of Africa. We are also planning to start up an international branch of "The School of the Crusader". The harvest is ready to embrace an army of Gospel Crusaders - are you one of them?

  • Tommy Lilja PTL Ministries International

    14th May, 2014

    PTL, Ukraine May 2014. PTL:s project Operation Great Exodus. Emergency Assistance for Jews from Ukraine to Make Aliyah! Once again, an extreme economic crisis and political tension have given rise to increasing anti-Semitism. One of Ukraine’s Chief Rabbis, Moshe Reuven Asman, urged Jews to leave: “I told my community to get out of the city and if possible out of the state…there are many warnings about planned attacks against Jewish institutions."